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Description of Addicted to Incarceration
In Addicted to Incarceration , creator Travis Pratt makes use of an evidence-based method to discover the implications of what he phrases America’s “dependancy to incarceration,” highlighting the scope of the issue, the character of the political discussions surrounding felony justice coverage on the whole and corrections coverage particularly, and the social value of incarceration. Pratt demonstrates that the United States’ dependancy to incarceration has been fueled by American residents’ opinions about crime and punishment, the effectiveness of incarceration as a way of social management, and maybe most necessary, by insurance policies legitimized by defective data (e.g.,concern of crime is objectively linked to victimization, petty offenders mature into violent predators, and protracted offending can be precisely predicted over the life course). Analyzing crime insurance policies as they relate to crime charges and U.S. society’s means to each decrease the crime charge and tackle the function of incarceration in stopping future crime, the e book reveals college students how ineffective our rush to incarcerate has been within the final decade, in addition to providing suggestions and insights into the way forward for this drawback. Features Real world examples that put a human face on the problems open every chapter Race, ethnicity, and gender points underlie all discussions and tackle key points of incarceration charges and crime tendencies The social prices of incarceration are explored, together with the heightened inmate threat of non-public victimization, incarceration’s impact as a barrier to profitable offender reintegration into society, and its function in exacerbating current racial inequalities The closing chapter comprises conclusions and suggestions for future coverage makers Written in a casual and accessible model, Addicted to Incarceration is acceptable for felony justice coverage or corrections programs on the undergraduate stage and can even be used as a supplementary textual content in introductory felony justice, criminology, and demanding points in felony justice programs

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  • Title: Addicted to Incarceration
  • Author: Travis C. Pratt
  • Category: Social Science
  • Date: September 2008
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780761928317

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