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The perfect gift book for dog lovers. A charming guide to over 100 dog breeds, each depicted in a beautiful watercolor and accompanied by a description that wittily conveys its most salient characteristics. From Afghan to Yorkie, Breeds will make dog owners howl with delight. Afghan Hound – Tall, elegant, and well behaved. Dogs with excellent eyesight. Have a tendency to be aloof. Will require shampoo (curlers optional). Borzoi – The wolf-hunter of Russia, this wonderfully tall and swift breed was once used in hunts with packs of over a hundred dogs! These days they prefer to relax by the fire and read Tolstoy. Corgi – Spirited yet loyal dogs. Unusually large ears, all the better for hearing with. The Queen’s favorite and they know it. Dachshund – A long, loving, and inquisitive dog. Slightly neurotic – will spend large parts of the day worrying. Scottie – Elegant and compact. Trots along like a dressage horse. Deeply suspicious of other dogs, all of whom are considered lesser beings

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  • Title: Breeds
  • Author: Fenella Smith
  • Category: Pets
  • Date: October 2015
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781250066336

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