Crime Against Dalit Women by Narayan Das

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Description of Crime Against Dalit Women
Historically the caste system has shaped the socio-cultural and financial material of the lifetime of the folks of India. The caste system is predicated on the Manusmrithi, the norms to the adopted by completely different teams. The caste system divides the folks into social teams the place the rights are assigned and decided by beginning and it’s hereditary. The rights among the many teams are unequal and hierarchical. Those on the highest get pleasure from all the advantages and do little work and people on the backside of the hierarchy have only a few advantages and do a lot of the works which might be thought of menial and impure. This system is maintained by a strict system of enforcement. The deviants are punished. One might see that the doctrine of inequality is the core of the Caste system. The system is oppressive. It is chock stuffed with the most recent analysis findings on many elements of girls offenders and victims. This genuine work is really helpful for lecturers, researchers and college students in sociology, ladies’s research, criminology and felony justice

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  • Title: Crime Against Dalit Women
  • Author: Narayan Das
  • Category: True Crime
  • Date: June 2014
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9789350841945

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