King’s Blood (William the Conquerer #2) by Judith Tarr

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Description of King’s Blood (William the Conquerer #2)
The nationwide bestselling writer of Rite of Conquest continues the saga of a Britain torn between historical magic and non secular doctrine—and the turbulent lives of the two sons of William the Conqueror. William the Conqueror is useless. The Norman king freed England from the stranglehold of Saxon Christianity, however in the years following his beloved queen’s demise, he turned his again on the magic that sustains the land. Inheriting the throne is the Conqueror’s eldest son, Red William, who is set to go away magic out of his rule completely. And with no true king, the land weakens, suffers, and begins to die. The destiny of Britain lies with two folks gifted in magic: Edith, princess of Scotland, and Henry, youngest son of the Conqueror. But Edith is imprisoned in a convent, compelled to suppress her skills and embrace Saxon ideology, whereas Henry has no lands or authority of his personal. And solely a fantastic sacrifice—the blood of a king—will cleanse Britain from the evil and pestilence that infects it

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  • Title: King’s Blood (William the Conquerer #2)
  • Author: Judith Tarr
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: February 2007
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1440624380

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