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In Naked Babies, Nick Kelsh and Anna Quindlen collaborate to provide a singular view of infants—one which owes nothing to custom, sentimentality, or the cult of the lovable. Unlike conventional child images, Nick Kelsh’s wonderful black-and-white photos concentrate on particular elements of infants—the perfection of a hand, the swirls of a cowlick, the smoothness of pores and skin on the neck—and all are sincere, beautiful, and invitingly tactile. Anna Quindlen’s essays are as swish, snappy, perceptive, and private as something she has ever written. They muse on what it’s about infants that causes our hearts to crinkle and fold: “The that means of life is in them.” You’ll share among the issues that Quindlen has realized as a mom, corresponding to: “From time to time, I might lie on the ground with my infants to see precisely what they had been seeing when it appeared as if they had been simply losing time” and . . . “The subsequent time you’re sitting in a gathering after three cups of espresso, badly needing to go to the toilet however as a substitute doodling dutifully, crossing your legs and watching the clock, do not forget that in the event you had been a child, you’ll have gone by now, and nobody can be the wiser.” Kelsh’s images and Quindlen’s textual content complement one another completely. Two masters of their craft have created an uncommon meditation and wondrous ebook—a completely unique present for each guardian or parent-to-be

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  • Title: Naked Babies
  • Author: Nick Kelesh
  • Category: Photography
  • Date: March 2009
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1401925022

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