Past, Present and Future of Psychiatry by A. Beigel

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Description of Past, Present and Future of Psychiatry
This quantity presents the highlights of the IX World Congress of Psychiatry. The congress was a significant occasion with the participation of over 6000 scientists from all around the world with the scientific program masking all elements of modern psychiatry. The 200 papers chosen for this quantity present an perception into current advances in psychiatry. They talk about a large spectrum of topics starting from the analysis and remedy of psychological diseases to essential points affecting the long run of psychological well being care all through the world. Authors embrace main psychiatric clinicians and researchers all through the world in addition to worldwide psychological well being coverage makers. Contents: Genetic Aspects: Psychosis and the Problem of Human Brain Evolution (T J Crow) Molecular Genetics in Psychiatry Research (J Mendlewicz) Neurochemistry: Tardive Dyskinesia Mechanisms and Abnormal Glucose Metabolism (D E Casey) Neurophysiology: Cognitive Impairment in Physiological and Pathological Aging (C L Cazzullo) Nosology and Classification: The ICD-10 Multiaxial System: Preliminary Results of Field Trials (J J Lopez Ibor et al.) Assessment: Issues on Forensic Psychiatry Epidemiology (J A Arboleda-Florez & E J Love) Testing: An Introduction to Recent Trends in Neuroimaging Relevant to Psychiatry (D Copolov) Affective Disorders: Bipolar II: Prevalence and Clinical Significance of the Soft Bipolar Spectrum (H S Akiskal) Modern Views on the Treatment of Therapy-Resistant Depression (Ok Achte et al. ) Paradigm for the Management of Resistant Depression (A Okasha) Schizophrenia and Related Psychotic Disorders: Delusional Misidentification Syndromes: Recent Developments (G Christodoulou) Multiaxial Diagnosis of Schizophrenic Patients (J E Mezzich & M I Zapata-Vega) Intermittent Neuroleptic Long-Term Treatment in Schizophrenia: State of the Art (W Gaebel) Organic Mental Disorders: Auto-Aggressive Behavior in Mentally Retarded Persons: A Developmental Psychiatric Approach (A Dosen) Panic, Obsessive Compulsive and Other Anxiety Related Disorders: PTSD in Children and War: A Phenomenological Study and a Follow-Up in a Refugee Camp in Zagreb (M Grappe) Long-Term Management of Panic Disorder (J R De La Fuente) Eating Disorders: Risk Factors for an Unfavorable Course of Bulimia Nervosa: What Future Should Patients Expect (M M Fichter et al.) Disorders Associated with Physical Conditions: Anxiety Pre- and Post-Surgery: An Evaluation in Laparoscopic Surgery (R Fahrer et al.) An International Study of Primary Care Mental Disorders: WHO Collaborative Project on “Psychological Problems in General Health Care” (T B Ustun & N Sartorius) Treatment Approaches: Cognitive Psychotherapy with the Difficult Patient (C Perris & L Skagerlind) Africa, The Middle East, Asia and Australia: Problems of Clinical Typology and Prognosis of PTSD in Afghan Veterans (P V Morozov et al.) Changing Scene of Urban Violence in India (S Sharma) National Epidemiological Survey on Mental Disorders in China (Y-C Shen et al.) Public Policy Issues: Urban Violence within the United States (E Sorel) Readership: Psychiatrists and different psychological well being professionals

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  • Title: Past, Present and Future of Psychiatry
  • Author: A. Beigel
  • Category: Psychology
  • Date: September 1994
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9789810215002

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