The Myth of Religious Violence by William T Cavanaugh

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The concept that faith has a harmful tendency to advertise violence is an element of the standard knowledge of Western societies, and it underlies many of our establishments and insurance policies, from limits on the general public position of faith to efforts to advertise liberal democracy within the Middle East. William T. Cavanaugh challenges this typical knowledge by inspecting how the dual classes of faith and the secular are constructed. A rising physique of scholarly work explores how the class ‘faith’ has been constructed within the fashionable West and in colonial contexts in response to particular configurations of political energy. Cavanaugh attracts on this scholarship to look at how timeless and transcultural classes of ‘faith and ‘the secular’ are utilized in arguments that faith causes violence. He argues three factors: 1) There isn’t any transhistorical and transcultural essence of faith. What counts as spiritual or secular in any given context is a perform of political configurations of energy; 2) Such a transhistorical and transcultural idea of faith as non-rational and liable to violence is one of the foundational legitimating myths of Western society; 3) This fable can be and is used to official neo-colonial violence towards non-Western others, notably the Muslim world

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  • Title: The Myth of Religious Violence
  • Author: William T Cavanaugh
  • Category: Religion
  • Date: September 2009
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780199736645

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